Understanding the Referendum

The Ford Neighbourhood Development Plan referendum will ask you to vote yes or no to a question:

Do you want Arun District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Ford to decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

What does this mean?

If more people vote ‘yes’ than ‘no’ in this referendum, Arun District Council will use the Neighbourhood Development Plan to help it decide planning applications in Ford. 

If more people vote ‘no’ than ‘yes’ then planning applications will be decided without using the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Is it about housing? 

The housing will go ahead regardless of our Plan because ADC has made it a strategic housing site. Our Plan provides a set of policies which will determine how that development looks, what facilities such as a school will be provided and protects land around the Parish from development.

What are the policies?

Read the Neighbourhood Plan policies here